Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ez-8 "Burst"

Teram Nexus Operation Accord-
It has been a year since we formed a global team of Gunpla builders under name of Team Nexus. 
We have been widely successful in terms of gaining audiences throughout different continents,
and also have tried to do the best in our parts to give motivation and inspiration on building Gunpla to those people in this amazing hobby.
To celebrate our 1 yr anniversary,
we decided to bring a group build of using the same kit (HGUC Ez-8) with each member's own taste of modification. 
All of our 7 builds can be found in our official website and also on two major Gunpla sites and
I named my version of Ez-8 "Burst", and as its name already explains that it is heavy armament assault type unit with distinct color choice of famous "Test Type". 
Hope everyone enjoys it, and also don't forget to go check out our talented members' works as well.