Monday, July 8, 2013

MG 1/100 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud - Custom Armor

Hate the pilot, not the mobile suits. 
That is like the best decription applying to this particular kit.
As much as i hate Yzak, i love Duel gundam.
A beefy external armor with sleek main body armor underneath is very well designed in my opinion.
By the way, Duel was the only one of the GAT-X series,
 which ended up not being destroyed, and yet it was wearing a shroud (according to its very own name). Irony it is.

So the custom armor and weaponery.

I borrowed the main shield from Hg GP-02 and the size was still matching.

Imagine how big the MG version shield must be..

The cannon on the right shoulder was actually a random resin that was sitting under my junk box,

But it turned out to be a perfect match for Duel.

I placed missile launchers on shoulders and the legs, and those are from

Kotobukiya armored core kits.

Duel was already heavily armed kit, so the extra armory amplified the whole thing even further.

Overall color scheme, Im a big fan of German grey tone when it comes to heavy machinery,

And chose deep orange in order to give the end product more of the 

blue collar heavy duty look.

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  1. Hi. You did a great job. So great i'm thinking of making one myself based off of this. Just one question, what colours are the paints and which resin did the cannon from his shoulder come from? Thanks in advance. :D