Wednesday, June 18, 2014

God Gundam Evolve

Finished the latest project on remodding the old MG 1/100 God Gundam.
The base kit that was used as a main frame was MG Build Strike Gundam,
and I borrowed the original components of armors from the old kit.
I spent great deal of time scribbing new panel lines and adding plaplates for the details,
but the main purpose was to reduce the discrepancy between the old and the new
while keeping the proper "evolve" looks.
So here it is, the one and only MG God Gundam Evolve.


  1. Great conversion. The first god version I like!

  2. Great work!!
    Never thought that strike frame and armor can work so well to represent the evolved design
    The best MG God I've seen on the net :)

  3. Thanks to you, my favorite MS has been reborn and it look really awesome. I hope you won't mind me recreating your work. I'm going to change the base kit with strike RM and change the color scheme..

  4. Excuse me, how did you pull off that ring? Is it a custom piece or is it from a separate kit?

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  7. Hey, anybody who is interested, that ring is from a BTF Quanta IV full saber detail up parts kit.