Wednesday, July 8, 2015

RE 1/100 GP-04G Gerbera

The popularity of GP04 has always been there, but we were only able to work on this model through a resin or a bootleg kit in the past.
Bandai has finally released it under their own brand name, and I had to put my hands on to see how it really was.
I could tell many detail parts were not separated in pieces, probably in order to keep the manufacturing costs down (unlike 1/100 Master Grades, RE grades are cheaper lines of 1/100 scale).
The overall design and proportion were great even compare to MG, but there were some minor issues that I had to modify.
First, I added 2 mm more to the torso for better proportion. 
Second, I extended the feet unit 3 mm longer and made it sharper. 
I know Bandai has produced the kit based on their original design, but I liked the longer and sharper designs that the old resin kits offered. It just makes the kit look lot more aggressive. 
I erased the factory panel lines on the thigh units and designed my own, and added additional lines on different areas for more details.
Anyhow, here it is. Please enjoy.

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  1. Amazing...simply amazing...Beautiful work.

    My dream is be like you someday!